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Check out these amazing client transformations!

Xiomi Best.png

Xiomi - Down 38+ lbs!

Hello my name is Xiomi before herbalife I was unhappy, tired I had no energy. I met Luis who motivated me and taught me the benefits of the Herbalife nutrition. I lost 38 pounds and today I enjoy a lot of energy. I feel part of a community of people who want my progress and my self-confidence has improved and I can wear the clothes that I have always liked.



Diana Best.png

Diana - Mother of 2, down 30 lbs.

I work in an office and I do not have time to eat healthy. Luckily I met Luis and Carmen, they told me about a delicious, nutritious and easy-to-prepare healthy meal, just what I needed. I gave myself the opportunity to try Herbalife, receive the support, education that I needed and that helped me lose 30 pounds. I feel very energetic I like how my body looks and I am grateful to them for showing me a  healthy active lifestyle that I enjoy.

Gisella Best.png

Gisella - Down 50 lbs!
Before Herbalife I worked in a frames workshop, I was very overweight I got angry easily and I felt tired all the time. When I started taking Herbalife nutrition it was the best decision of my life, I lost 50 pounds and I feel healthy and energetic. They told me that I could help other people to achieve the same results and that's what I do now. I feel happy with my result and with the result of the people I help to look and feel better.

Herbalife Maria Moina.png

María - Mother of 2, down 55 lbs!
Before knowing Herbalife my eating habits were not healthy, I ate in excess, I was very anxious and did not have the energy to deal with my 2 children. A friend introduced me to the Herbalife Nutrition and shared her own results, then she took me to meet her Coaches Luis and Carmen and since then I have received support and guidance from them. I have lost 55 pounds and I have gained a better figure more vitality, the desire to set new goals.
I love the people I've met, and I love my lifestyle! yes, lifestyle, because this is not a diet or a new fad.


Luis - Gain 22 lbs of lean muscle!

Before Herbalife I was very skinny, felt tired and weak all the time.
I met my Herbalife coach who taught me how to eat healthily, to take nutritional supplements and also the importance of physical activity.
Now that I have achieved the weight I wanted, I feel more secure and have more strength. The clothes fit better and, more importantly I feel more energized than ever before.
I took the decision to become a Herbalife Coach to help other people discover a better version of themselves, I feel very satisfied when my clients achieve their results and they tell me how grateful they are enjoying the benefits of the products.

It is in your Moments of Decision that your destiny is shaped
— Tony Robbins